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The Mobi-C® Cervical Disc has been designed for cervical disc replacement to restore segmental motion and disc height. It is the first cervical disc in the United States approved to treat more than one level of the cervical spine and was determined by the FDA to be statistically superior to fusion for two-level cervical disc replacement, based on the primary study endpoint of a prospective, concurrently controlled and randomized, multi-center clinical trial.

Mobi-C® is a cobalt chromium alloy and polyethylene, mobile-bearing prosthesis specifically designed as a bone-sparing, cervical intervertebral disc replacement for both one and two-level indications. In addition to the unique mobile-bearing feature, Mobi-C® offers a simplified surgical technique as compared to other, commercially available devices.



  • The Mobi-C® disc has three parts: two metal plates and a plastic insert in the middle. The plates are made of a mix of metals commonly used in spine surgery (cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum).
  • There are no invasive keels or screws required for Mobi-C placement. No bone chiseling eliminates operative steps and preserves the vertebrae for a stable surface ideal for one or two-level implantation.

Both fusion and Mobi-C artificial disc surgery:

  • Replace the damaged disc.
  • Try to match a healthy disc height to help un-trap any nerves.

Only the Mobi-C implant:

  • Tries to maintain neck movement.
  • Fits entirely within the disc space.