Our Mission

The purpose of the Standards of Ethics (the “Standards”) is to define and promote standards of ethical and professional behavior among the staff, employees, colleagues, associates, and representatives of TKO Medical. These principles of professional conduct are intended to guide us in our business relationships with health care professionals, clients, customers, colleagues, the medical device industry, vendors, and the public and patient communities. A condition of our company entering into business relationships involves a willingness to be guided by the statements that constitute these Standards or any subsequent revisions.

As a distributor of medical device products, we at TKO Medical have created a culture of compliance. Each of us agrees to support this culture of compliance and conduct our business according to the following ethical guidelines:

  • I am committed to adhere to ethical and legal standards in my relationships with health care professionals and understand these Standards are intended to govern my interactions with those health care professionals.
  • I will comply with all applicable laws governing the sale and marketing of, and price reporting for, the products I distribute.
  • I will be guided in all of my activities by truth, accuracy, fairness and the highest integrity.
  • I will support educational efforts to inform the general public and patient community regarding industry regulations, and transparency of my business relationships with health care professionals.
  • I will comply with all laws applicable to the privacy of a patient’s protected health information.
  • I will respect the independent judgment of health care professionals in determining and purchasing products for the benefit and best interests of their patients.
  • I will prevent improper inducements to health care professionals that could result in the remuneration or payment of any kind, direct or indirect, in order to encourage or reward the prescribing or purchase of any reimbursable product under Federal or State health care programs.
  • I will support the Compliance Program that has been developed and implemented specific to TKO Medical’s business, and will work honestly, positively and candidly with the Compliance Officer to effectively manage the Compliance Program, which consists of policies and procedures, educational training, establishment of effective lines of communication, internal investigations, disciplinary guidelines and accountability for risk assessment.
  • I will utilize opportunities to promote and enhance a positive image in the medical device industry regarding appropriate business relationships and activity with health care professionals.